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Top 5 Celebrities Who Love iGaming



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Top 5 Celebrities Who Love iGaming

Top Five Celebrities Who Love iGaming

Did you know that celebrities also have a thing for casinos and gambling? Gambling isn’t just for ordinary players. It also attracts international actors, who are even better at it. You will find familiar faces of your favorite celebrity at some of the famous online casino games like poker tables and roulette.

Some of them are even champions. Below is a list of Hollywood celebrities with love for iGaming.

Matt Damon

Another rising celebrity in Hollywood who enjoys gambling is Matt Damon. He plays poker and blackjack with a lot of love. His keen interest started with the film Rounders, which is poker-themed. However, under leadership and training by Johnny Chan, he managed to polish his skills as a poker player and now almost always wins at poker tables. Check Captain Cooks casino Canada for online games with significant winning stakes.

Brad Pitt

No one doesn’t know the celebrity, Brad Pitt. He was never into gambling until Ocean’s 11, when he played the lead actor. Since training the part, he found a new hobby. He seems to favor poker, blackjack, and, contrary to what you might believe, natural or even online slots. Even after years of his role in this film, he hasn’t stopped playing these games. He claims that playing is inspiring. 


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon’s collaborator, just like his buddy, is a champion at poker and blackjack tables. This Hollywood star is among the most successful gamblers and stars. He starred in Runner Runner, a crime drama in which the actor faced out against a fake empire of internet gambling portals. Despite the film’s unfavorable reviews, the actor enjoyed gambling and always won. In 2004 he won over 350 thousand dollars, and other couples of thousands a few years later. The best part is he always leaves generous tips, according to casino personnel.


Top 5 Celebrities Who Love iGaming


Paris Hamilton

Even world-class celebrity socialite Paris Hamilton is not left behind. Like many other celebrities, Paris loves to gamble. The star is no stranger in Las Angeles, the attraction of all gambling establishments. She is regular in its many casino games; once she even won $30,000. Paris also often plays online games like poker, and there is a fat chance you might find her playing online.

George Clooney

George Clooney co-starred with Brad Pitt in Ocean’s 11 and is the main star of 12 and 13. His passion for poker games, however, started during his childhood, and most know him as a world-class casino gambler. He participated a lot in the Hollywood games. These games inspired the movie Molly’s Game which was a huge hit. His interest in gambling made him start a construction project for his casino in Las Vegas, although the project never saw the light of day.

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