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Rapper T.I Called President Trump A Mad Man On Live – Watch The Video



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T.I Calls President Trump A Mad Man

T.I. recently talked to TMZ’s Raquel Harper on her BET series Raq Rants and called President Trump a “madman.”

When asked by Harper what he thinks of the current presidency, T.I. held nothing back and ripped the current president to shreds.

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“I think that privilege, entitlement, hypocrisy,” begins T.I. “The fact that people feel that the color of their skin makes them a better person, and more qualified and more eligible for opportunities. And we can’t continue to call ourselves the greatest nation in the world if we continue to behave this way.

“And on the world stage… it’s a joke. How could you let such a thing happen to your country? How could you put the most prestigious office to be held in the free world… how could you let that fall into the hands of a madman?”

Watch the video below 

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