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Rapper DMX Has Added Weight After Quitting Drugs – Pics



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DMX Getting Fatter After Officially Off Drugs 

Rapper DMX is officially off drugs. The popular 1990s rapper has battled drug addiction for nearly two decades. And he appears to have finally gotten himself clean.

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And in sobriety DMX – real name Earl Simmons – has put on a few pounds. All the new :sober weight” appears to have gone to his belly.

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Hey, it’s better to be thick in the middle than to be on drugs, right?
DMX was in California this past weekend attending Kanye West’s weekly “Sunday Service” according to TMZ.
X delivered a “morning prayer” Sunday ahead of what has become an outdoor concert of sorts Ye has held every weekend for the past couple months. Check it out … you can tell the rapper has had some practice delivering the good word. He sounds like a seasoned preacher.

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See pictures below :


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