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Fans Think Playboi Carti Is The Reincarnation Of Tupac



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Playboi Carti Was Born On The Day Tupac Shakur Died 

September 13th, 1996, is a day to always remember in hip-hop. That day marked the day Tupac Amaru Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas. Hip Hop lost one of their very best on this day.

It’s a day where the hip-hop community celebrates and collectively remembers Tupac Shakur and the impact he made on the world.

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On the other hand, September 13th, 1996 also marks the day rapper Playboi Carti was born and according to his fans, he’s the reincarnation of Tupac Shakur being born on the same day legendary Shakur died.

Yesterday marks Playboi Carti’s 22nd birthday and his fans took to twitter to send him warm messages and also point out that he is the reincarnated 2pac.

“playboi carti being born on the same day that tupac died really does solidify that he’s the second coming of tupac.” A fan tweeted.

“PlayBoi Carti is the reincarnation of Tupac,” another opined.

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See some of the reactions below :

Happy birthday to Playboi Carti!