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Is Offset Considering Himself As The GOAT.. ?



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Offset As The Goat

Offset Shyly Hints He Sees Himself As The GOAT

The GOAT (Ghost Of All Time) is a term used in referencing an undisputed champion in a field. In the Hip Hop scene, there has been a big debate on who the GOAT really is.

Many think it’s Jay Z, Others Lil Wayne, Eminem and other veteran rappers are mostly considered.

Rapper Offset of the Migos trio just dived in by hinting that he could actually be the GOAT. He’s undeniably being doing well with number of mixtapes and his last album ‘Father Of Four”.


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Offset is arguably the most relevant of the Migos gang. Quavo used to get the attention as the fiercest rapper in the group but things changed and Offset has been taking the shine lately.

He does knows how to get in the news, from his relationship dramas with rapper Cardi B and his social media antics, he’s always in the news for one reason or another.

The Atlanta lyricist took a moment to throw his hat into the GOAT conversation, albeit in a roundabout fashion. Though his words are likely to cause spikes in old head energy, consider that such a photo-op cannot and should not be denied.

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Offset The GOAT Offset The GOAT Offset The GOAT