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Joe Rogan Thinks Kanye West Is Starting A Cult



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Joe Rogan Theorizes Kanye West is starting a cult

Joe Rogan Theorizes Kanye West Is Starting A Cult

Kanye West is expected to have appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast long ago but it seems that he’ll never be showing up on the show.

Rogan says that he did not think it would be the best idea for Kanye to appear on his show.

Report online also has it that Rogan changed his mind about giving Ye this platform after the rapper told him of his idea to release a dictionary using “only positive words.”


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On the recent episode of “Joe Rogan Experience”, he shared his theory that Kanye West is “starting a new cult.”

Rogan’s conversation with comedian, Andrew Santino, transitioned to the topic of Kanye when discussing the social media service, OnlyFans.

Joe Rogan sarcastically said that Kanye would take issue with all the monetized nudity on the app, potentially considering it to be “smut” that “erodes the fabric of our society.”

“It’s clear he’s on his way,” Rogan said about Kanye’s supposed cult-development. “It’s probably gonna be huge.”


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When asked about Kanye West’s Sunday Service, Rogan answered saying “I think it probably opens up the doors for his other businesses, like his Yeezy’s and his clothes and all that shit.”

“So he does the show. ‘What do I have to do to be part of the cult?’ Just get yourself a pair of 11 Yeezy’s!”.

Watch the video below (at exact 19 minutes mark) :