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Photos & Videos Of Kanye West’s Sunday Service At Kingston In Jamaica



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Videos Of Kanye West's Sunday Service In Jamaica

Watch Clips Of Kanye West’s Sunday Service In Jamaica

Kanye West has held his Sunday Service in lots of places within the country, including Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, and even Cody, Wyoming where he’s recently moved with his family.

The rapper has moved the Service beyond the country, touching down Kingston in Jamaica for another wonderful show.

Initially, local pastors in Jamaica were reported to be terrified about Kanye’s intention and some even asked their congregation to pray against the Service.

“I don’t know him (Kanye) as a Christian and someone who is being led by the Holy Spirit,” local pastor Stephen Blake told the Jamaica Star. We have to examine the motive here.”

“From a spiritual perspective, I am not 100 per cent comfortable,” he explained. “Therefore, I am calling for the church to pray against this, just in case there is anything negative associated with this service that Kanye is coming to Jamaica to keep.”

On whether Kanye West is the  Antichrist, Blake simply said “He is just a regular man seeking to stay in the limelight. Him go mad one day, then him say Trump the next day, and then him come with religion. If his motive is to get attention and stay relevant, then that is wrong.”

Another local rector, Father Sean Major-Campbell, advised “caution” over the star’s motives but thought the event was just an “entertainment option.”

Attendees flooded social media with images and clips of Friday’s performance which reportedly lasted for two hours. According to fans on social media, Ye ended the concert with a rendition of “Jesus Walks.”

There are also reports that Kanye is planning on taking the Sunday Service show to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Here are some pictures and videos from the Jamaica Sunday Service :