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10 Best Celebrities Halloween Costumes In 2019



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10 Best halloween costumes

10 Best Celebrities Halloween Costumes Of 2019

Let’s walk you through the 10 best celebrities Halloween costumes of 2019, but firstly we have to go back 2,500 years, to a time when the Celts were recognized as Gauls, a people larger than that of the Romans and Greeks.

The Gallic year ended on October 31st (not December 31st), that same day we all celebrate Halloween.

The Gauls thought that on the night of October 31, the spirits could visit them. They believed that the God of Death gathered the souls of those who died during the year to reveal to them the fate they deserved.

They did not call that night from October 31 to November 1 ‘Halloween‘ but the Feast of Samain. On this occasion, they performed a rigorous ceremony that was to guarantee a good year ahead.

Halloween is now celebrated very differently compared to several centuries. It is now celebrated every October 31st, we thought it was interesting to know the origins of Halloween costumes.

Gregory IV wanted to replace Samhain with All Saints’ Day in 835, but the Day of Souls (November 2nd), which is more like Samhain and Halloween today, was “the first instituted in a French monastery in 998 and is spreading rapidly in Europe.”

In the 16th century, the Christian children of the village celebrated the eve of All Saints’ Day, doing the Macabre Dance. The seven brothers whose dead grizzly bear described in the seventh chapter of the book “Deuterocanonicals of Second Maccabees” also said they had trained the children to dress in grizzly bear costumes to signify these deaths.

Halloween began in the United States when European immigrants “brought their varied Halloween costumes with them”.

In the second half of the 19th century, America was flooded with new immigrants, including the Irish famine flight in 1846. By combining Irish and English traditions, the Americans began the tradition of “trick-or-treat” (a candy or a spell).

Later in the 1800s, the festival became more community-centered and in the 1920s and 1930s, Halloween became “a secular but community-centered holiday.”

In the 1950s leaders changed Halloween as a party for young people to limit vandalism. All this has led to what Halloween is today.

Despite the rain and strong winds on Halloween night, thousands of families braved the harsh weather conditions to sweeten their candy beaks.

That’s the advantage of Halloween, but for celebrities, it’s more an opportunity to show off extravagant costumes that add appeal to the Day of the Dead!

We will admit, we are also always very eager to see what our favorite artists have reserved for us. Once again this year, we are not disappointed with the always original results of many of them.

10 Best Celebrities Halloween Costumes For 2019


10. Celine Dion

How do we start this list without our lovely Celine Dion? Her costume reminds us a little of the white walkers in Game of Thrones.

Even in concert in New York, the band Simple Plan wanted to celebrate Halloween! We would have liked to be there, because it is certain that the show was a success.


9. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Junior

Another couple we love is that of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Junior. We loved their Back to the Future costumes.!

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Great Scott!!!

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8. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Well, we also have a penchant for neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. The two impressed us again with their costumes of the Olsen twins. Very strong!


7. Anik Jean

If there’s one celebrity who’s tripping Halloween, it’s Anik Jean. The singer and director shared a perfect photo of herself and her son, Nathan. Earlier this summer, we had just seen little Nathan in his mother’s short film, Be Wise !

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Les amis et le souper @genevieveborne @mimigamache

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6. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid was inspired by a cult 90s film, The Mask with Jim Carrey. Green has never been so good!


5. Jessie Nadeau

Jessie Nadeau,who earlier this week launched frozen meals for Vegan, but not flat with her lover PH Cantin, looked like a video game character in her post-apocalyptic disguise.


4. Alicia Moffet

Alicia Moffet and her family have taken over the endearing characters of Dr. Seuss. Let’s say she has strayed a lot from the costume she wore to the design of the crunchy Billie Lou !


3. Kim Kardashian (The Wests)

Kim Kardashian and her family also channelled well-known characters from the blockbuster sci-fi movie ‘Worm’.

Kim slipped into a wormy hooded bodysuit complete with cone bra-like goggles with all her kids in similar outfits, complete with a pair of antennas on their heads.

Kanye West is fully covered up from head to toe, seemingly representing a worm that had transformed into a bug.


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West Worms 🐛 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛 Prelude 1 Set to 🎶 Lorna Anderson

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2. Philippe Fehmiu

And no, we haven’t come back from Philippe Fehmiu’s hilarious Justin Trudeau costume yet. Yes, he dared the “whiteface” !


1. Heidi Klum

Of course, we saved the best one for last, Heidi Klum! Every year, she manages to surprise us with a super creative costume and, this year, also very frightening.

Happy Halloween for those who went candy hunt this Friday and everyone else who has costume parties this weekend!