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Lil Reese Wants To Sell His Story For $1M, DJ Vlad Responds



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Lil Reese Wants Some Bucks For An Interview On His Shooting 

Lil Reese Wants Some Bucks For An Interview On His Shooting

Chicago rapper Lil Reese was shot multiple times earlier this week, but luckily for him, he survived the shooting and has now been discharged from hospital.

Reese was shot at an intersection in south suburban Country Club Hills and was later identified by hospital officials as Tavares Taylor.

We’ve earlier shared pictures of his shooter on a motorbike aiming at him. The shooter can be seen unloading a Draco AK-47 machine gun at the rapper.

Well, as reported by Allhiphop, Lil Reese cause of shooting has been linked to money, the media outlet shared that the rapper was paid $20,000 for a verse but allegedly did not send his Pro Tools session back.

The alleged attempted shooter/rapper then followed Lil Reese’s location on social media to locate him.. And when he saw him, you already know.

But it seems Reese has a story to tell, but the rapper isn’t detailing it for free. He’s ready to sell his story to platforms ready to pay him for an interview.


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Reesey speaks

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And according to him, The story behind his shooting is bigger than 50 Cent and Rick Ross rivalry… He wants to be paid a million dollars to grant an interview for the story.

DJ Vlad whom Reese is hoping would buy the story caught up with the post and didn’t hesitate to respond. But unfortunately, he turned down the rapper’s offer.

“Very happy that you survived that shooting. But nobody is going to pay you even 1% of $1 million for that interview.” Oops! Someone tell him he can sell to us at a discount rate. Lol


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Vlad responds to Lil Reese

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