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SpaceGhostPurrp Threatens To Shoot Tory Lanez “I Got Your Girl, Bruh”



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SpaceGhostPurrp Threatens To Shoot Tory Lanez 

SpaceGhostPurrp Threatens To Shoot Tory Lanez

Rapper and super producer SpaceGhostPurrp is undeniably one of the best talents out of Florida. One wouldn’t talk about SGP without touching his many feuds with others in the industry.

SpaceGhostPurrp has been at loggerheads with many notable celebrities ranging from A$ap Rocky, Denzel Curry and also mentioning that he doesn’t think he can hang with Nicki Minaj.

SGP also added that Tekashi 6ix9ine has been banned from the underground. Now, he’s taking shots at Tory Lanez who just dropped his album ‘Chixtape 5’.

SpaceGhostPurrp Threatens To Shoot Tory Lanez

According to Purrp, Tory’s new album is all about his girl who appears to be Canadian rapper’s ex.

He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, lashing out at the rapper, condemning him for allegedly writing an entire album about his girlfriend. “I got your girl, bruh,” he said.

“She with a real n***a. You over here making love songs about her. She’s over here kicking it with me. You gotta get your mind, right.” Throughout the rant, SGP can be seen with a handgun in his grip, pointing it at the camera and threatening to use it on Fargo.

“You so much of a bitch I’ll shoot you in your leg…and have you walk around with one leg,” he threatened Tory Lanez.

SpaceGhostPurrp does congratulate Tory on his new project, but still feels the project isn’t worth a listen. He also slammed Tory for collaborating with T-Pain on “Jerry Sprunger.”

In the same breath, he also dissed T-Pain by calling him a “fat koala-ass nigga.” So far, Tory hasn’t responded.

Watch the video below :