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Ghost Shooter In Power Season 6 Episode 10 Revealed



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SPOILER ALERT!: GHOST SHOOTER IN POWER SEASON 6 EPISODE 10 REVEALEDFind out who shot Ghost in Power Season 6 episode 10

For a few weeks now, we’ve been all over the final season of Power TV series. a TV Series that was created in 2014, it is broadcast on the American channel Starz and has 6 seasons. According to the producers, the sixth season which was released in the summer of 2019 is the final season. Like most “quality” series, episodes last about 50 minutes and a season has 10 or more episodes.

James St Patrick is the proud owner of a nightclub known as the Truth in New York. This box is for him the way out of his second life, that of dealer. James is actually the head of a major drug ring but started developing cold feet towards it after his fake repentance. He gets his nickname, Ghost because not only is he totally invisible from social networks, but also from criminal records. in other words, ‘the law gat nothing on him.’

But problems have started piling up for ghost and his plan is not really going as planned. While he expected his wife’s unwavering support in his evolutionary Queen’s child project, she prefers it as it is.
Most times Ghost’s problems are easily solved because one person threatens him to expose a secret, he eliminates him. It’s as simple as that.


Ghost and Tommy

In Power, enemies are eliminated one by one especially by Tommy’s rule of no snitching of which he murdered Proctor and his ex-girlfriend for. But what is interesting are all the schemes put in place to avoid ending up in prison or being murdered. I like the strategic side of the series because we are not always aware of the plans of the characters and this leads us to think.

We can also recall that the ghost of Angela, Kanan, and others come to torment Ghost. his guilt now takes on the appearance of Angela who accuses him of everything. It is reassuring to see him begin to admit responsibility for some of his actions, but before Angie’s ghost could make sure that he fully accepts his faults, he was shot by an unknown character in season 6 episode 10.

Power Tv series revolves around the character Omari Hardwick played (Ghost), it is safe to say that there is no Power without Ghost. The season 6 episode 10 is captioned ‘No one can stop me’ which has an underlying meaning in the last incidents that took place in the ending of the episode, where he was shot and fell off the balcony. it was quite heartbreaking for the viewers and they have mixed feeling to see the next episode. However, the viewers have to wait till January of 2020 for the remaining five episodes of the season finale.

Remember we published a story on Bow wow’s theory of who killed Ghost in Power. It is a known fact that Ghost made a lot of enemies in the midseason finale, now Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Dre (Rotimi Akinosho), Saxe (Shane Johnson), Tate (Larenz Tate) Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) and Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez), all had very serious grudges against him and obviously as depicted they all wanted him dead as they marched on to end him.

The answer to the question of Ghost shooter will not come easily but it is in the remaining four episodes of the season finale. It is unknown if Ghost survived the attack but showrunner and writer Courtney Kemp gave a big hint that he may still be alive. Speaking in an interview, Kemp said: “He got shot. I didn’t see him die. Did you see him die?”

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