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YG Shows His Daughter A Bag Of Weed In Viral Video



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YG shows his daughter bag of weed in viral video

Rapper YG Blasted For Showing His Daughter A Bag Of Weed

Rapper YG is currently under heavy criticism after video of him showing his young daughter Harmony a bag of weed.

In the video that shows him educating his daughter on hard drugs by telling the little girl to smell the scent of the weed is making rounds on the internet.

He’s been receiving backlash over the video ever since. He could be seen in the video asking Harmony, “Honey, what’s that?” as he pointed at a bag of weed in a container. The girl then happily took the weed and answered, “Broccoli.”

This prompted the rapper to say, “That’s broccoli? Then why don’t you smell it?” Harmony did as told and still insisted that weed was “broccoli,” making YG giggle.


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#PressPlay #YG is teaching his daughter about “broccoli” 👀 #Socialites when did you first discover “broccoli”?

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YG seems to be cool with his daughter getting familiar with weed but others are not just buying the idea. Nevertheless, some people felt it’s okay for him to educate his little girl.

“Yg getting the worst dad of the year award now lol he asked his daughter what a bag of weed smelled like , she said broccoli cause she’s clearly around that Kush smoke all the time,” a fan tweeted.

“YG really gave his daughter that big ahh bag of marijuana to smell and folks saying he’s keeping it real. Wtf is wrong with y’all,” another queried.

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