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K Michelle Unveils Her ‘Lumpy’ Thighs After Botched Surgery



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K Michelle Reveals Her Botched Body

K Michelle Reveals Her Botched Body

K Michelle has undergone lots of surgeries in order to reconstruct her body after numerous illegal plastic surgeries she’s had before.

She’s been on a mission to remove all the silicone from her body and so far, a lot has changed about her body.

The R&B singer revealed her “new” body on Instagram yesterday, and the picture quickly went viral with many on social media are saying that her new body looks “botched.”

K Michelle Reveals Her Botched Body

But K Michelle won’t be dissuaded in her efforts to have a more natural and healthy body. She told fans, “This body of mine has been through hell! It isn’t perfect but it’s MY body.”

She also added that she’ll continue the reconstruction in January. “This journey has been difficult but i’m a tough cookie. Proud of myself and that’s all that matters! Finishing up my reconstruction with @drcarlosgomez1 I’ll see you in Jan.

Peep what she looks like now below :