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Lil Wayne Aging Badly, Now Looks 60 Years Old – Pics



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Lil Wayne Looking Older Than Ever In New Picture

Lil Wayne Looking Older Than Ever In New Picture

Rap icon Lil Wayne has been battling drug addiction for years. It appears the repercussions of the excessive drug intake has manifest on the rapper’s physical appearance.

Weezy has suffered a series of seizures, that many suspect are related to drug use.

In 2015, seizure nearly killed the rapper. He was hospitalized in intensive care for 6 days, and news reports said the rapper was “on his death bed.”

He had two more seizures in June 2016, during a cross-country flight from Wisconsin to California. His plane was landed in Omaha, Nebraska for a medical emergency, before taking off again. Two minutes later, the second seizure occurred and was forced to land in Omaha once again.

Lil Wayne Looking Older Than Ever In New Picture

It wasn’t up to a month when he had another seizure, supposedly due to not taking his epilepsy medication.

Lil Wayne canceled a Las Vegas show on September 3, 2017, having had a seizure in a Chicago hospital earlier that day, where he was brought after being found unconscious in a hotel room.

We reported earlier that Lil Wayne was apprehended by authorities in Saudi Arabia after the show when they found marijuana in his possession. Fortunately for him, he was allowed to leave the country.

But he was captured during his performance over the weekend, and he looks like he’s man in his 60s. Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, is just 37 years old.

Below is the viral picture of Lil Wayne looking very old :

Lil Wayne Aging Badly, Now Looks Like A 60 Year Old Man