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Lil Wayne Pays Tribute To Juice WRLD While Rolling Some Weed



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Lil Wayne Says A Prayer For Juice WRLD

Lil Wayne Says A Prayer For Juice WRLD

The Chicago rapper passed away couple of weeks ago and his death came as a shock to everyone. Juice WRLD reportedly swallowed several pills to hide them from cops mid landing.

The pills are believed to have caused his seizure which led to the rapper’s untimely death.

Juice WRLD is known for his catchy rhythms and lovely tunes. His freestyle skills is an awesome one and well known for blessing his interviewers with a freestyle, be it on the radio or TV.

Lil Wayne Says A Prayer For Juice WRLD

Over the weekend, Lil Wayne paid tribute to Juice WRLD in his skateboarding compound, saying a little prayer and rolling up some weed.

The legendary rapper shared a video of himself preparing a fat blunt, Weezy can be seen jamming “Fine China”, the most popular collaboration between Juice WRLD and Future from their combined project.

Just before Future’s verse began, Wayne took a moment to motion a cross over his chest, saying “Rest In Peace Juice” and remembering the late rapper. He then hopped on his skateboard and shred the pain away while puffing on his freshly-rolled weed.

May his soul continue to rest in peace!

Watch the clip below :


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