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T.I And Tiny Argue For 14 Minutes Straight On Instagram Live



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T.I And Tiny Argue On IG Live For 14 Minutes Straight 

T.I And Tiny Argue On IG Live For 14 Minutes Straight

Rapper T.I and his wife of many years Tiny Harris have been one of the strongest couple in the industry. The two have survived lots of adversaries over the years.

T.I has been caught cheating on Tiny multiple times but it never ended their marriage but only made them stronger.

According to the self acclaimed King of the South, he cheated on his wife because he felt inadequate when he was released from prison.

T.I told Jada during an episode on The Red Table Talk , “[When I was released] I was not in the position I was in [before prison], it left me feeling lesser than. So I had to go out and find ways to make myself feel proper and adequate again.”

The couple are currently filming the new season of their VH1 hit reality series TI & Tiny’s Family Hustle.

T.I And Tiny Argue On IG Live For 14 Minutes Straight

The new season will address TI’s estranged relationship with daughter Deyjah, after the rap mogul made controversial comments about her virginity in a podcast.

But two days ago, T.I and Tiny decided to show the world the other side of their marriage. The two went arguing on instagram live for straight fourteen minutes.

In the video, TI appears ready to disagree with whatever his wife says, just for the sake of arguing. But it’s not clear what they’re really arguing about.

The heated argument lasted a while and it was all recorded on instagram live. Watch the video below :