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Snoop Dogg Seemingly Shades Tupac On The ‘Red Table Talk’



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Did Snoop Dogg Shade Tupac On The Red Table Talk?

Did Snoop Dogg Shade Tupac On The Red Table Talk?

Fans have been patiently anticipating the full interview of Snoop Dogg on the ‘Red Table Talk’ with Jada Pinkett Smith and her co-hosts after the preview clip surfaced earlier this week.

In the preview clip that went viral, Jada Pinkett can be heard telling Snoop that her “heart dropped” when she heard his comments aimed at CBS News anchor, Gayle King.

In another cut from the interview, Snoop Dogg seemingly shaded his late friend and Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur. Snoop and Pac have a great history together and are considered good friends when Shakur was still alive.

Did Snoop Dogg Shade Tupac On The Red Table Talk?

Snoop Dogg has shown nothing but love and loyalty to hi late friend and in previous cases, it has been the Dog father glorifying Pac’s legacy. But his recent interview on the Red Table Talk has fans wondering if he really meant to shade Tupac in his statements.

While admitting to using the words “n*gga, “b*tch” and “h*e” in the past, Snoop says he felt the need to “pull back” from using those negative terms as he got older.

That’s where Pac’s name got dragged into the equation, as Snoop said, “Even me and Pac got into it because he was like, he wanted me to stay gangsta. I was like, cuz, I got a baby on the way, I just beat a murder case, I have a lot to live for. He had no kids.”

Watch the video below :

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