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Kevin Hart Says He Once Shitted On Himself While On Stage



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Kevin Hart Reveals He Once Shit Himself On Stage

Kevin Hart Reveals He Once Shit Himself On Stage

Ace comedian Kevin Hart has experienced some embarrassing moments in the course of his career and today, he tells a story about the time he had an awkward situation on stage in Scandinavia.

While Kevin Hart is on quarantine just like most people are due to the Coronavirus outbreak. He still wants to put a smile on people’s face, even if it comes at his expense.

The comedian/actor debut a new series on his Instagram page called “Confessions From The Hart” where he’ll be sharing a few stories to bring some much-needed laughter in our lives and today’s story surrounded a show he had in Scandinavia one time where he accidentally shitted in his pants mid-performance.


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Kevin explained that he had ate some bad chicken that was actually raw, he had stomach problems but still showed up to the venue 45 minutes before his set. “We get there. I’m in the back. I’m sitting on the toilet,” he said. After being called on to the stage, he drinks water and ginger ale and hits the stage.

“I get onstage. I start performing. I’m midway through and I don’t feel bad,” he continued. “I get to, like, my last seven minutes of my set. Bloop bloop. I feel it in my stomach. ‘Oh no. Don’t do this to me. Don’t you fuckin’ do this to me. C’mon, Kevin. Finish.’ I go to tell my joke… My stomach is now on my mind. I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God, it’s gon’ happen.’… I can’t end the show because of the joke. It’s like, this is my last joke.”

“So I start trying to speed through the joke… I can’t do it. I can’t. And I’m cramped up to the point where I can’t even walk. So I’m like holdin’ this tight ass pose while I got the microphone and I said ‘fuck it.’ I just said, ‘Fuck it.’ Bap bap. Shitted on myself. Right on stage,” he revealed.

“Got off stage and was like, ‘Oh, well.’ Went to the bathroom. Took them drawers in the trash. Left the venue. Told everybody don’t get in the car with me. I need to be in that car by myself with the driver,” Hart added.

Watch the video below :

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