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Rick Ross Dragged Over Resurfaced Clip Of Brittany & Kaiya On VH1 ‘Signed’



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Rick Ross Accused Of Colorism Over His Judgement On A Resurfaced VH1 'Signed' Clip

Rick Ross Accused Of Colorism Over His Judgement On A Resurfaced VH1 ‘Signed’ Clip

Couple of years ago, Rick Ross appeared as a judge alongside The-Dream and Lenny S. for VH1’s Signed. The purpose of the show was to find a new R&B star then transform her into a star that would be signed to Roc Nation, MMG or Radio Killa Records.

Howt, the ‘Biggest Boss’ seemed a bit more concerned over the look rather than the talent itself and he’s currently getting dragged for it.

Two contestants, Just Brittany and Kaiya, were showcasing their music presentations during an episode in front of the three judges. Both used the “Aston Martin Music” instrumental, diving deeper into the R&B side of the track.

Brittany was up first and, her rendition of the record won over the judges. Lenny S. described it as the “smartest move of her life.”

“Another person had the same beat,” Brittany told the judges after their critiques. Lenny S. said that he wanted to hear who else was using the beat. “I wasn’t trying to be mean or catty or anything. I just had to put it out there because I had to save myself,” Brittany added. Kaiya stepped to the plate.

Rick Ross then gave a disappointing response. While it’s obvious that Kaiya had overall better vocal performance, Ross cut her short before adding that it “wasn’t the best platform for your voice.”

The-Dream simply agreed while a clearly devastated Kaiya was getting shut down by Rick Ross. “You have a unique voice and Brit did sound better than yours,” he added. “Every time you present your music, you better be a superstar.”

“My song is original. I wrote it myself. Brittany used the same exact melody and the same ad-libs. You didn’t change anything,” Kaiya said after the audition. “I think he was so blinded by the butt that he wasn’t paying attention like that.”


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After the clip went viral on social media, Kaiya issued a response saying, “The resurfacing of the video is so surreal. I’m humbled that a lot of people have come out in support of my journey. Colorism is a topic that needs to be addressed.”

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