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‘My 600 Lb Life’s Melissa Marescot Is Dying’ – Dr. Nowzaradan



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Dr. Nowzaradan Reveals My 600 Lb Life's Melissa Marescot Is Dying

Dr. Nowzaradan Reveals My 600 Lb Life’s Melissa Marescot Is Dying

My 600-lb Life Dr. Nowzaradan just shared a heartbreaking update on Melissa Marescot‘s health. According to Dr. Nowzaradan, she’s dying and if she doesn’t get her weight under control soon, she won’t have much time left.

My 600-lb Life celeb Melissa Marescot has been open about her struggle with her weight and the reasons why she’s packed on the pounds. She describes herself as miserable because of her size and blames her misery on her food dependency.

Fans of the TLC show know Melissa for her size and her strange eating habits. In one episode she whipped together a tub of soup and a family-sized portion of lasagna and  ate the meals in her favorite place – standing in front of a mirror.

Recently, My 600-lb Life favorite Dr. Nowzaradan offered up another shocking update about Melissa’s health. He says she currently weighs 592 pounds.

According to the doctor, at her current size, she has a BMI of 115%. Also, he added that this is one of the highest BMIs he’s ever seen.

What’s worse is that she’s under five feet tall, so she’s only supposed to weigh around 90 pounds.

Dr. Nowzaradan says that Melissa Marescot has her breathing and circulation systems compromised because her excessive weight. Then, he explained that even if she got “something like a cold”, there’s a high probability that Melissa would die.

Dr. Nowzaradan Reveals My 600 Lb Life's Melissa Marescot Is Dying

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