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Girl Claims T.I & Tiny Drugged & Destroyed Her Anal Cavity



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High School Girl Accuses T.I & Tiny Of Destroying Her Anus When She Was 17

High School Girl Accuses T.I & Tiny Of Destroying Her Anus When She Was 17

The accusations against rapper T.I and his wife Tiny have just gotten way more serious. Following report that six more accusers have come out, a high school aged girl – who was only 17 at the time of the alleged incident – is claiming that TI and Tiny drugged her and presumably had sex with her, and when she woke up her an*l cavity was “completely destroyed.”

The details are so shocking that many media publications are refusing to re-print them. The girl once worked as an intern at one of the rapper’s studios when she was in high school.

She described the alleged incident when she was 17 and working for the couple on T.I.’s tour bus when she claims his wife gave her a drink and two pills that made her ‘hot and and sweaty… [and she] began hallucinating and felt like she was floating.’

She claims that Tiny took her to the back of the tour bus to ‘cool off’ and that T.I. came over next and started commenting on her appearance. She says she then blacked out and woke up ‘naked on a bed… bleeding from her vagina. She also felt discomfort in her anus.’

The next day, she claims she was taken home by one of the couple’s employees who said ‘she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut’ and ‘if she did not that bad things could happen to her and her family.’

She claims that she started losing control of her bowels in her sleep and was taken to the hospital where she was told she’d suffered ‘trauma to her anal cavity due to intense anal penetration.’


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