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Migos Allegedly Jumped Justin LaBoy Over Saweetie Interview – Video



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Migos Trio 'Quavo, Takeoff & Offset' Allegedly Beat Up Justin LaBoy

Migos Trio ‘Quavo, Takeoff & Offset’ Allegedly Beat Up Justin LaBoy In Atlanta

The Migos are currently trending on social media following reports that the trio jumped YouTuber and reality star Justin LaBoy in Atlanta. It’s rumored that the Migos Hip Hop group beat up Justin LaBoy over an interview he had with Quavo’s now ex Saweetie.

Prior to their break up, Saweetie appeared on Respectfully Justin, the new show hosted by her ex boyfriend Justin Combs and Justin LaBoy.

During the interview, she was asked whether or not she’d have a threesome with her man, Quavo. Justin asked asked if she has a man who is respectful, loves her, and does all that she wants, would she have a threesome if he asked, and if so, who would she bring home.

Saweetie gave a controversial response, saying she’d allow it peradventure she’ll be the one to pick the man they will have the threesome with.

Many believed that the interview played a major role in Quavo and Saweetie’s split regardless of the fact that she accused him of cheating. However, according to reports circulating online, the Migos (Quavo, Offset and Takeoff) pulled up on Justin in Atlanta.

The reports claim that the trio “jumped” Justin and beat him up pretty badly. Footage of the alleged beatdown is yet to surface and we believe if the report is true, it’s a matter of time before we see it.

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