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Twitter Reacts To Quavo & Saweetie Elevator Fight Video



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Quavo And Saweetie's Physical Altercation Video Births Memes On Twitter

Quavo And Saweetie’s Physical Altercation Video Births Memes On Twitter

Quavo and Saweetie are currently trending on Twitter again after elevator footage of the former couple getting into physical altercation surfaced online a week after announcing their split.

In the clip, Saweetie and Quavo can be seen outside of an elevator in a North Hollywood apartment complex. The video begins with Saweetie seemingly throwing a few punches in Quavo’s direction.

Quavo dodges the punches, dropping his orange Call of Duty briefcase. He then shoves Saweetie into the elevator before they struggle over the briefcase. Quavo gains control as his girlfriend drops to the ground.

Quavo And Saweetie's Physical Altercation Video Births Memes On Twitter


She didn’t get up and was possibly injured. The elevator then starts to take them up while Quavo does nothing to help Saweetie get up. He can be seen looking at her on the ground at intervals before the elevator door opens. A man is standing in front, looking in and deciding not to come inside.

They later get to their floor and Quavo gets out, placing the briefcase in front of the door so it doesn’t close. Quavo stands in the doorway, looking at his girlfriend as she remains on the ground. Again, he does not help her up. After about twenty seconds, Saweetie stands up and limps out of the elevator.

Folks online are now looking back to Quavo’s comments following his public split with Saweetie, calling him out for gaslighting and being toxic.

See some reactions on Twitter below:

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