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T.I & Tiny Seemingly Confess To Allegations In Church: ‘God Knows Our Heart’



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T.I & Tiny Address Sexual Assault Allegations In Church - Video

T.I & Tiny Address Sexual Assault Allegations In Church – Video

T.I and Tiny Harris appeared to address the recent drug, rape and trafficking allegations during a recent visit to church. And some are suggesting they may have low-key confessed to doing something inappropriate.

“More than knowing us as human beings, they know our hearts,” said T.I. while holding daughter Heiress.

“And they know how much we are first on the frontlines to do for whoever needs to be done for and to sacrifice a part of ourselves to give to others. Because that’s how we were raised. We come from good stock, ya dig what I’m saying?”

Typically when a Christian says “God knows out heart,” they are admitting that their recent bad actions do not match up with their “hearts.”

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed they are investigating rapper T.I. and wife Tiny over allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted several women.

Detectives say they met with one woman virtually in April about an alleged assault that took place in 2005. A spokesperson from the LAPD confirmed to The Daily Beast that an investigation into both TI and Tiny is active.

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