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Bow Wow Says He’s Done Rapping Because It Brings Stress



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Bow Wow Says He Prefers Doing Podcast To Rapping

Bow Wow Says He Prefers Doing Podcast To Rapping

Bow Wow has since been getting praises on social media following his Verzuz battle with Soulja Boy. It appears his catalogue reminded the world how monumental Bow Wow was. He was even crowned the winner of the battle.

However, Shad Moss has admitted that he doesn’t want to rap anymore because it brings too much stress. He posted a video on Instagram, Tuesday, taken as his hard drive crashed right before the show went live.

“Y’all n****s see why I don’t be wanting to rap no motherfucking more? This is exactly why I’m at peace. I’m at peace man. I like hosting my shit, making more money than half of y’all rap n****s. I like doing my podcast,” he explained.

Bow Wow Says He Prefers Doing Podcast To Rapping

“This shit right here is the number one reason why a n***a don’t wanna rap no more. This is the reason why. I do movies and I do so much other shit. It’s because rap shit brings stress.”

Bow Wow added that the show was put together in just four days.

“I was soooo stressed putting this show together in 4 days for VERZUZ!! What yall don’t know is our hard drive CRASHED 6 mins before we went live!! SEE,” he wrote in the caption.

Watch the video below:


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