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T.I Allegedly Tried To Kill Sabrina Peterson, Put A $25K Hit On Her



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T.I Allegedly Put Out A Hit On Sabrina Peterson

T.I Allegedly Offered A Grand Hustle Artist $25,000 To Have Sabrina Peterson Killed

Self acclaimed King of the South, T.I, is being accused of paying a former Grand Hustle artist to cancel Sabrina Peterson. Sabrina has been publishing multiple accounts of women claiming that T.I and his wife Tiny “abused” them.

Last month, Sabrina Peterson said she will drop her lawsuit the couple if they apologize to her.

T.I responded to the apology request, laughing it off. “An Apology????” he captioned at the time, alongside a picture of him guffawing at Diddy’s party. “Drako voice #WhatItsComeTo.”

In response, Peterson shared a “Narcissist checklist,” implying that T.I. meets each one of the fourteen criteria. Emphasizing that he’s the target of her post is an attached picture of T.I. hanging out with R.Kelly, the implication speaking for itself.


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Well, during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Sabrina alleged that T.I offered a Grand Hustle artist $25,000 to have her killed.

“One of his people that worked for him came to me…maybe like right when I came home from prison, he was laughing,” she explained. “He was like, ‘You know that n*gga tried to pay me to kill you?”

Peterson alleged that the man told her that T.I. tried paying him $25,000 to take her out. The man says he was set to push her off of a building. In the end, the man allegedly added he decided not to go through with it and Peterson claimed she decided to just “brush it off.”

It’s noteworthy that this is the same woman who alleged that T.I put a gun to her head and assisting other alleged victims who have accused him and his wife Tiny of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Listen to her below:

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