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Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Husband Vince Hebert Sued By Jeweler Over Unpaid Debt



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Jeweler Accuses Vince Hebert Of Fraud & $20K Bounced Check

Tamar Braxton’s ex husband Vince Hebert is being sued by a Beverly Hills jeweler, who claims that Vince is a fraud, and bounced a huge check on them.

According to the lawsuit, the jeweler – Greene & Co. – claims that Vince reached out to them in December 2018 and asked them to create seven unique separate pieces for him.

The deal was finalized on May 19, 2019. Greene & Co says Vince repeatedly lied about his net worth “including his ability to “pay for the jewelry, his career, and his involvement in the music industry.”

They accuse Braxton’s ex of “knowingly” making misrepresentations in an effort to induce the company to extend him a line of credit. They accepted a check that Vince wrote as partial payment and agreed to let him take possession of the pieces before “the invoice had been paid in full.”

Jeweler Accuses Vince Hebert Of Fraud & $20K Bounced Check

Vince allegedly wrote them a check for $20,000 and they gave him his custom-made jewels. However, they claim when they went to the bank to cash it, the check bounced.

The suit reads, “Immediately, via text messages with the Defendant, Plaintiffs informed the Defendant that the check was returned for insufficient funds and inquired when the $20,000.00 and the remaining balance of the invoice would be paid in full.”

The jeweler says each time they asked Herbert when he was going to pay his debt, he offered “false promises and guarantees, always saying that the money, “was being transferred into Plaintiffs’ account, or that he would meet the Plaintiffs to pay his balance due. Defendant never paid.”

Details of the lawsuit were initially published by Radar Online, which obtained the legal documents.

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