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Hairstylist Calls Out K. Michelle Over Unpaid Debt & Getting Hair Done Naked



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Hairstylist Slams K. Michelle For Not Paying Her & Being Unprofessional: ‘Why Would You Get Your Hair Done Naked?’

Hairstylist Blasts K. Michelle For Not Paying Her & Being Unprofessional: ‘Why Would You Get Your Hair Done Naked?’

A hairstylist by the name of “Millie” is calling out singerK. Michelle for not paying her and being unprofessional during their session. She asks, “Why would you get your hair done naked?” Taking to her IG Story, the stylist shared a DM with the singer, where she asked “Do you travel.”

The stylist responded, “No I don’t travel. I’ve done your hair before through my other hair business (Closure Perfection) and I wasn’t happy with the experience. Sorry for the inconvenience ❤️. “

K says, “You’re the girl that burnt me up huh? Good rebranding! These pictures are beautiful. Good day beauty ❤️.”


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The stylist fires back, “Yeah that’s me. You was naked. That made me nervous. And since you want to take it there. You still owe me $1,000 😀  rather you was burn or bleeding. But thank you for still admiring everything I do. You will hear about me some more. Good day to you also Beauty ❤️.

The stylist then posts a few videos further explaining. She says, “Y’all. K. Michelle is a liar. I caught the curling iron before it could even touch her skin like that. That’s first of all.” Addressing K, she says, “Second of all, you don’t even know me. Why would you want to get your hair done naked? That’s very unprofessional., You made me uncomfortable. Then you got mad with me when I asked you if you could put on some clothes.”

She continues, “K. Michelle had just gone through the process of getting her butt removed or whatever, and she turned around and…,” the stylist stops and makes a “WTF” face. She concludes her posts stating, “K. Michelle got some bad energy y’all. ‘Cause if someone burned me for real, I don’t want their services no mo’. She knew I was Luxe Links because I posted Luxe LInks work on Close Perfection page and she still follow that page. And after my bad experience four years ago, I unfollowed her immediately. It’s giving up “sus.” Girl what the f**k you want with me? Why you bothering me? Weird a**.”

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