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Jeffrey Epstein Associate, Jean Luc Brunel, Found Dead By Suicide In Prison



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Jeffrey Epstein Associate, Jean Luc Brunel, Found Dead By Suicide In Prison

Jeffrey Epstein Associate, Jean Luc Brunel, Found Dead After Committing Suicide In Prison

Disgraced modeling agent and Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean Luc Brunel has died by suicide in his prison cell Saturday night in Paris.

His death was confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office. They told ABC News that Brunel was found dead in his prison cell Saturday around 1:00 a.m. local time at La Sante Prison.

Lawyers for Brunel also told the news site that Brunel died by suicide. However, the prosecutor’s office declined to confirm those details of Brunel’s death. He was awaiting trial in France.

The fashion agent was arrested at Charles de Gaulle airport in December 2020 while trying to fly to Senegal. He was suspected of being a member of infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein’s global underage sex ring. Brunel was eventually charged with rape of minors over the age of 15 and sexual harassment.

In a statement, Brunel’s lawyers said:
“[Brunel’s] distress (despair) was the one of a 75-year-old man who was destroyed by the judicial-media lynching and we should question it. Our client firmly asserted he never abused any women. He made multiple efforts to prove it. His decision was not led by a feeling of guilt but by a deep feeling of injustice,” Brunel’s attorneys Mathias Chichportich, Marianne Abgrall and Christophe Ingrain added.

This latest death attached to the big scandal sparks more conspiracy theories around the Epstein affair after the financier also died in prison while awaiting trial in what authorities concluded was a hanging.

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