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Lux Fire Bud Details His Musical Background, Upcoming Projects, Celebrity Crush & More



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Lux Fire Bud Details His Musical Background, Upcoming Projects, Celebrity Crush & More

LFB Discuses His Musical Background, Upcoming Projects, Collaborations, Celebrity Crush, Favorite Rapper & More On Dredds O’Clock

Fast rising Las Vegas rapper Lux Fire Bud, is our latest guest on Dredds O’Clock. The lyrical titan who dropped his self titled EP ‘Lux Fire Bud’ last year August, took time out to touch multiple topics with Peter Dredd on the episode.

Peter Dredd: “Introduce yourself and what you have for us”

LFB: “Yeah i’d like to give your audience a little bit of the information on my material, my career as it were and uh basically where we’re going in the future how about that. Lux Fire Bud on the line.”

Peter Dredd: “What made you go into music?”

LFB: “You know what i’ve got two parents that uh grew up playing musical instruments and i believe it was just in my blood not to date myself but um i’m i’m a product of the hip-hop era i come from a region in the united states where the hip-hop music was prevalent and it just grew on me and i i developed a love for actually making it and as a grown adult i enjoy making money from distributing it so that was what was my main motivation.”


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Peter Dredd: “What kind of music do you make?”

LFB: “I’d like to i’d like to call it a motivational marijuana promotion music motivational marijuana promotion music.

You know in some countries it’s haram to consume marijuana yeah that’s true you know um in other places it’s a medicinal herb that can be used for medicinal purposes as well as recreation and uh i’d like to make the delineation in some of my songs with regards to the differences and just how enjoyable it can be on both angles if used responsibly.”

Peter Dredd: “What inspires your music?”

LFB: “I’m inspired a great deal by um older movies like uh chichen chang i’m inspired by uh ninjitsu movies like my second release the pot ninja it’s got a lot of uh references to older martial arts movies and uh.

Because uh consuming consuming the plant can be a mission um transporting it can be a mission you know yeah and sometimes sometimes it’s a clandestine operation if you get my drift so yeah.”

Peter Dredd: “Which one is your favorite song so far?”

LFB: “I will probably say the song medibles the yeah the song medables or um swimmingly those are my those are my favorites they’re my breakout songs and they were among my first releases.”

Peter Dredd: “Do you have a project on the way?”

LFB: “Well, to be perfectly honest maybe maybe my promotional budget isn’t where it should be and uh maybe maybe i have not touched enough uh people with my material to get the kind of buzz that i was hoping to receive so yes there is another project on the way when will it release.

My guess is within the next four months within the next four months um because i’m going to change i’m going to change the sound a bit to be a more commercial friendly more uh dance club friendly um yeah because today it doesn’t really seem like people respect lyricism and wittiness um yeah and i’m really not on anything that’s going to incite violence or uh encourage uh gang activity this is a field good substance that we’re talking about so yeah that’s that’s where i want to take it to to put it quite blunt and be candid with you dred we’re talking about going commercial yeah i said it we’re going commercial over here lfb is going commercial.”


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Peter Dredd: “Will there be any collaboration on the project?”

LFB: “I‘ve got um one individual from another camp uh his name was 20 stacks g code and um we did a couple projects together we did a song called room to maneuver which was actually a song based on um renting airbnbs and uh consuming marijuana.

In them and uh using them to uh.. basically hold down the pack so yeah you know hey it’s just a real life depiction basically just a typical day in the life of lfb.”

Peter Dredd: “How many collaborations should we expect?”

LFB: “Oh i’m looking at maybe a strong three because i don’t want i don’t want my um i don’t want my brand overshadowed by other people that have uh not even a similar message but i do respect lyricism and i do respect the creative process as it pertains to uh entertainment in the music field so i want to give some other artists a chance to maybe connect with my audience and just put together a really extraordinary project i want to be talking about uh something as harmless as marijuana and he get and he or she gets on the track and starts talking awful pills or something like that no.”

Peter Dredd: “Which artist would you like to open show for?”

LFB: “That’s a really really good question um.. It probably would have been the late great young dolph if possible but if living i would probably pick someone like starlito.

Peter Dredd: “Have you ever performed in any main event?”

LFB: “To be perfectly honest i have yet to i have yet to… yeah um no major venues yet local fan local really local fanfare where um you would ordinarily see um.. people performing um spoken word you know smaller crowds not like i’m opposed to doing bigger shows but right now the market demand for the recording artist lfb is not as big as the actual demand for his product if you get my trip so we gotta balance it out.”

Peter Dredd: “What would you be doing if you’re not an artist?”

LFB: “I would definitely pursue avenues in uh crypt crypto investing full time or um real estate full-time they are my part-time pursuits as it is right now but um if this doesn’t work if this doesn’t work if this music doesn’t give me the financial push i need to take a stronger position in both those fields i will um definitely shift my energies over to those uh particular income stream routes if you get my drift.”

Peter Dredd: “Are you considering changing genre?”

LFB: “It’s been a little while since i put out a song on all the major platforms but the next one that i’m gonna put out for you guys will be definitely um a dance club here it will make you shake your butts and uh no fighting no fighting.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s your take on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine?”

LFB: “I think it’s unfortunate because um.. I know there may be some cultural differences between the two nations but um it’s too many other nations have interests business interests with both of them and nobody really wants to uh step into uh..

That nobody nobody wants to mess up their current business relations like we were live we rely on russian oil to a certain degree so it’s not really beneficial for them to take casualties and losses and engage in war or you know trying to conquer things when there’s so much money to be made but that’s just my opinion you know that’s just my opinion i think i think there should be a way to amicably uh resolve the issues they may have without a bloodshed.”

Peter Dredd: “Which famous musician do you admire the most?”

LFB: “I will probably hate myself for admitting this to the world but um and he’s a really dope artist and i don’t believe he gets the credit that uh he deserves but i respect lyricists like rascalz.. uh you know a recording artist that can entertain you but at the same time educate you made me really get serious about my craft and monetizing from it and you know still delivering a message that people could feel but he was the most influential and i’ve listened i’ve been a follower of a lot of different recording artists over the years.”

Peter Dredd: “Do you sing in the shower?”

LFB: “Sometimes i can catch myself uh quoting verses from my material.”

Peter Dredd: “What’s your happiest moment so far?”

LFB: “The first time that i went to um a dispensary in oregon there was a dispensary that i went to in oregon called illuminati that happens to be the name of one of my uh closest uh rap associates too but they were playing one of my songs over their intercom through one of the streaming services that they had and i was so proud because i heard it and i was like oh this is dope oh this is me and i was so proud and everybody else was if they heard it and they’re like yeah it was medibles it was actually the song metabolism oh yeah we had a dread just one side no we actually have a um animation project about to drop within hopefully this week i’m going to give you first dibs on it’s going to take just i believe it’s going to go viral wow we’re going to keep that under wraps it’s just between me and you.”

Peter Dredd: “Which rapper would you like to share the stage with?”

LFB: “I consider myself a one-man show but if i was going to share the stage with another rapper.. it would probably be um.. it would probably be my engineer.

His name is yen, he’s from the 20 stacks camp and uh he he’s giving me you know he’s given me assistance uh on a couple tracks that even i wind up quoting a couple times when i’m by myself so yeah he’s a he’s a jamaican uh background you know is he a rapper yeah well he’s actually a recording engineer but in his spare time he likes to put together some rhymes and he’s not he’s not bad.”

Peter Dredd: “If you were a fruit, what would you be?”

LFB: “Yo that’s a crazy question probably probably um.. Something exotic brother something exotic something like uh a dragon fruit dragon something that yeah yeah it’s something that uh uh once you taste it it’s a unique inmate and maybe you don’t know if you like it or not yeah i tried a couple more times.”

Peter Dredd: “Are you single?”

LFB: “Well currently i’m looking for my next boo thang.”

Peter Dredd: “Ladies can start sliding in your DMs?”

LFB: “Yes they can sir yes they can.”

Peter Dredd: “Do you have kids?”

LFB: “No i don’t no i don’t but uh i’m trying i’m trying to make a family i am.”

Peter Dredd: “Who’s your female celebrity crush?”

LFB: “It was Roselyn Sanchez but i have not been seeing her in the media in a long time and she’s probably married by now.”

Peter Dredd: “What message do you have for your fans?”

LFB: “Smile even when you don’t feel like smiling because you never know who’s looking try to keep a positive outlook as these times are changing because it’s going to take all of us to show a little bit more love and be a little bit more compassionate to our brothers and sisters whether you believe in a higher power or not we’re not breathing and our hearts not beating because we wanted to you know what i’m saying so let’s just be mindful of each other and try to show a little bit more love make the world a better place.”

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