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Bobby Brown Visits Whitney Houston & Their Daughter’s Graves For The First Time



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Bobby Brown Says Whitney Houston Would Still Be Alive Today If They Had Stayed Together

Bobby Brown Says Whitney Houston Would Still Be Alive Today If They Had Stayed Together

In a preview clip of a new A&E Network documentary, obtained by the Daily Mail, Bobby Brown opens up even more about the deaths of his ex-wife, legendary singer Whitney Houston, and his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

In the new doc, Bobby Brown says he suffers from daily heartbreak. The R&B icon also says that he believes his ex-wife would still be alive today had they stayed together – and fought their hard drug addictions.

“I think we could have helped each other out. I think she would still be here if we hadn’t divorced. I wasn’t there. I beat myself about it because I wasn’t there. I wish I could have been there for her,” the Daily Mail quotes.

“We had made our beds and had to lie in them. We always felt that our love was strong enough to overcome any obstacle put in front of us. We would still be together if it wasn’t for drugs. Drugs got the best of us.”

As cameras followed him as he mustered the strength to visit their graves at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey for the first time, Bobby kissed the headstone of Whitney and whispered:

“I love you.” Addressing his late wife and daughter, he said: “I brought you guys some flowers. Sorry I have not come by. Sorry, this is my first time. But you guys know I don’t like cemeteries,” the news site quotes.

“I know you are looking down watching me, watching your siblings. I hope you are taking care of little Bobby I know you guys are frightened up there. I miss you guys so much. Y’all take care of each other okay.”

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