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DJ Drama Squashes Beef With Drake



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DJ Drama's Need With Drake Is Over 

DJ Drama’s Beef With Drake Is Over

Finally, DJ Drama says his beef with Drake is over.

Drake has a track with Jack Harlow who is signed to Drama. When fans pointed it out, he tweeted:

“We gotta stop this narrative lol. Me & Drake been put that to rest. Grown men sh-t, and beyond that Jack & Drake cultivated they own relationship. Now erybody go stream that ‘Churchill Downs’!!”

The pair allegedly started beefing after it was revealed that Drama was the one who told Meek Mill that Drizzy used ghostwriters.

Last year, Drama said they had spoken and was hoping they’d be able to sit down and talk as men.

“We’ve had small talk — we’ve talked,” Drama said last year.”

We haven’t seen each other since the ‘tiff’ but we’ve been in communication lightly. At some point, I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to sit down and really just build. I feel like he’s past that and we’re past that. That’s where it’s at really.”

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