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Kevin Samuels 911 Call Released, Woman With Him Tried To Save Him



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Kevin Samuels 911 Call Released

Kevin Samuels 911 Call Released

The audio from the 911 call placed by the woman who was with Kevin Samuels when he became unresponsive, has been released. She was trying desperately to save his life.

The controversial YouTuber died of Cardiac arrest on Friday, during a romantic encounter with a Caucasian woman he had just met.

Kevin’s last live video recently surfaced where he can be seen vividly irritated by the ‘Caucasian’ nurse. Kevin’s gestures show he was pissed with the woman at some point. It was however the same woman who called police when he collapsed on her that night.

The 911 call has now been released and it shows the woman tried her best to save him. It also shows the woman doesn’t know his apartment number and told paramedics to ask the front desk.

Kevin often described himself as a “high value man” and said that women would need to meet a high bar in order to get a man in his category. But it turns out that Kevin Samuels may have been broke.

One of Kevin’s friends who has been in touch with his family claims that Kevin was “deeply” in debt with less than $1K in account.

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