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Sukihana’s Pool Party Disrupted By Shooting



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Shooting Occurred At Sukihana's Pool Party, Ruining Everything 

Shooting Occurred At Sukihana’s Pool Party, Ruining Everything

Sukihana is furious her pool party was disrupted by gun shots. Sharing a video online, Suki revealed her party was disrupted with shooting.

“Why would you shoot on my pool party like that? I didn’t came to Oakland. I didn’t came to Sacramento, but my thinking is if you can’t go to Sacramento, where can you go then?” the rapper said.

“So here. Tricky though with ones we have some scampi black and mouse and beef ribs and y’all are her ***. I don’t get that we came to twerk and have a good time with his back and we came to twerk at at the at the ******* Hotel and we get shot at y’all.


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“Got the police out here. This is Kylie. The police is out here. All the food that fell on the ground. I couldn’t even get a plate to go,” they added.

Over the weekend, Sukihana made controversial headlines after she was accused of child abuse for twerking on a little boy.

According to reports, fans called the Miami police department, and reported her for abusing a child during the filming of her new music video.

The new video, which is called Sukihana’s Get Low Freestyle, was released last week. It shows Suki and a group of her girlfriends rapping vulgar lyrics and dancing. But in one scene, Suki did a little more than dance with her friends. The female rapper began dancing extremely close with a 10 year old boy.

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