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Chaney Jones Now Dating Diddy’s Son Justin Combs



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Chaney Jones Now Dating Diddy's Son King Combs

Kanye West’s Ex Girlfriend Chaney Jones Now Dating Diddy’s Son King Combs

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Chaney Jones made headlines last month when she was seen playing football with Diddy’s sons Christian and Justin Combs in a tiny string bikini on TikTok

The social media influencer, 24, posted the video to her account on June 28. In it, she’s seen in a colorful two-piece bikini running across a lawn, surrounded by palm trees, and catching a football flawlessly.

In the process, she knocked down another player wearing a similar yellow bikini. Her run to the endzone was particularly revealing as the swimsuit was a thong. Chaney set the video to the viral TikTok Hip Hop track “Oh no oh no oh no no no.”

In another video clip posted the same day to Chaney’s account, legendary rapper Diddy‘s sons Justin Combs, 28, and Christian Combs, 22, are seen playing full contact football with the model.

Some of Chaney’s nearly 60k TikTok followers took the comments section to share their thoughts on the playful afternoon football match. Both video clips were full of sunshine and laughter.

Initially, it seemed like a mere fun time with Diddy’s sons, however reports reaching us at Dreddsworld is that Chaney Jones and Justin Combs are dating.

The new couple recently shared a chill out moment on their Instagram stories showing the same location. According to Instagram blog Gossip Of The City, Chaney and Justin are messing around.

Kanye West's Ex Girlfriend Chaney Jones Now Dating Diddy's Son King Combs


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