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Chris Brown Denies Knowing Lady Arrested For Shooting Up Dallas Airport



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Chris Brown Denies Knowing Lady Who Claims She's His Wife After Opening Fire At Texas Airport

Chris Brown Denies Knowing Lady Who Claims She’s His Wife After Opening Fire At Texas Airport

We reported earlier about the woman who opened fire in a Texas airport this past week. But in latest news, it was revealed that the woman claimed she was Chris Brown’s wife.

According to The New York Post, Portia Odufuwa, 37, who claimed to be “God’s Prophet” and married to singer Chris Brown — has been repeatedly freed from jail for a series of alarming crimes after being found mentally unfit to stand trial.

Just in time, Chris Brown has come out to deny knowing lady who claims to be his wife. “I don’t know what’s in my f*cking music.. but we’ve got.. I got some of the greatest stalkers in the world. Hey.. Mental Health is not something to play with. We looking out for everybody,” Breezy said in a new video.

Shocking videos caught passengers screaming and ducking for cover after Odufuwa fired several shots upon emerging from an airport bathroom where she had gone to get changed, according to cops.

It later emerged that Odufuwa was free despite a lengthy history of mental illness and serious crimes, including bank robbery and even arson, according to records reviewed by the Dallas Morning News.

Perhaps her most heinous crime, lying about being married to Chris Brown, goes far beyond that statement! Per the report, “more than once, she has given police Chris’ home address and has even claimed to live there.

She is currently in a hospital after being shot and wounded by cops as she opened fire inside Dallas Love Field airport on Monday, police said. Her previous crimes include bank robbery and even arson.

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