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Kim Kardashian Shows Support For Gunna; #FreeGunna



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Kim Kardashian Says 'Free Gunna'

Kim Kardashian Says ‘Free Gunna’

Gunna, whose legal name is Sergio Kitchens, is one of the 28 alleged gang members named in the Fulton County district attorney’s indictment.

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to show support for Gunna. Taking to Twitter, Kim simply used the hashtag #FreeGunna, adding Free P.

Several celebs have defended and showed support the rappers, including Adrien Broner, T.I., Metro Boomin21 SavagePost Malone and more.

We previously reported that Gunna is under investigation for two homicides committed by The Shady Park Crips.

Also, a nurse allegedly attempted to smuggle drugs into jail for Gunna.

“They’re all allegations, but as you mentioned, it was May 14th when prosecutors say a nurse attempted to smuggle a bag inside this jail. It was full of marijuana and cocaine. But when a deputy confronted her, she dropped it, then took off running,” the report says.

“In court, prosecutors claim that some of those drugs were intended for the rapper Gunna, a claim that his attorneys are calling false.”

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