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Quando Rondo Calls Out Female Rapper Who Stole $10K From Him



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Quando Rondo Claims Female Rapper Stole $10K From Him

Quando Rondo Claims Female Rapper Stole $10K From Him

Quando Rondo went off on a female rapper who he says stole thousands of dollars from him.

“I ain’t gonna lie a n-gga don’t want no smoke with you lil shawty you got that sh-t. F-ck it. B-tch that wasn’t my money that was yours. You snatched that sh-t out my girl hand and ran when I been bout to hit with your brother b-tch,” he said on Instagram Live.

“B-tch only reason I was calling you was to try and slime your ass and make you think we was cool. Scary ass ho. I got $5,000 for the camera footage so a n-gga can show everybody that I was getting home while this b-tch snatched the money out my b-tch hand and ran. I wasn’t even looking, the f-ck b-tch?”


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In the comments, fans told Quando to chill. “Quando dont even do it🤦🏽‍♂️ lul tim cant save u twice” one fan wrote. Lul Tim allegedly shot and killed King Von during an altercation with Quando.

Quando Rondo worried fans last year after posting a disturbing message to social media.

Ima Either Get Killed Or Ima Kill Somebody So Everybody In My Environment Better Be With Me Or It’s Gone Happen To Them,” he tweeted.

Rondo implies somebody in his own camp could potentially pull the trigger. “I Done Rode For Everybody And Ain’t Nobody Roccin With Me Sh*t about To Get Slimey I’m Telling You WatCh. I Can C Somebody Round Me Lul Homie Killing me.”

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