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Wendy Williams Says Can’t Wait To Fall In Love Again



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Wendy Williams Says She Can't Wait To Fall In Love Again

Wendy Williams Says She Can’t Wait To Fall In Love Again But Will Never Get Married Again

While Wendy Williams is looking to make some big career moves as she transitions from talk show host to podcaster, the 57-year-old has expressed that she “can’t wait” to fall in love again.

It hasn’t been an easy couple of years for Wendy, who finalized her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter in July 2020 after 22 years of marriage.

Following the split, Wendy told fans that she had slowly but surely begun dating again, but judging by her recent comments to Hollywood Life, it would seem as if she has yet to find someone special to settle down with. “I can’t wait to fall in love,” she revealed. “However, there’s no money in getting married, so I will never get married again.”

The New Yorker quipped that in order to fall in love, “I’ll probably have to go through 40 or 50 men before I find the right one,” and that whoever she does end up falling for would have to make more money than her. “He’s got to make more money than me… I know what I want.”

During an interview session couple of weeks back, Wendy Williams showed how swollen her feet are from lymphedema and according to her, she can only feel 5 percent of her feet.

“You know I have lymphedema, you know what that is correct? No. OK, you don’t know lymphedema. Alright, I’ll show you. OK, OK lymphedema is this,” she said while lifting her feet up for the interviewer to see clearly.

“I can’t hold it higher. Do you see if we can see yeah. OK, do you see this? Yes, all right. It’s up. OK, that is I can only feel. Maybe 5% of my feet. Do you understand? Normally I would be in a wheelchair. I’m not in a wheelchair. I stand up.”