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Burna Boy Confirms He’s Impotent: “I Got Money So Fuck It”



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Burna Boy Confirms He's Impotent After Stefflon Don Aired Him

Burna Boy Confirms He’s Impotent After Stefflon Don Aired Him: “I Have Money So To Hell With It”

Afrobeats star Burna Boy and his ex girlfriend   Stefflon Don have been trending on social media after Steff spilled the tea on why she left the popular African singer.

According to Stefflon Don, Burna Boy was bad in bed, and was constantly jealous of fellow Afrobeats star Wizkid.

“I broke up with Burna Boy because he has a fragile ego. He sees his friend Wizkid as a competition, despite knowing Wizkid is bigger than he is. He can’t even satisfy me in bed. SMH. He bullied me the last time I wanted to talk, but not anymore.”


Stefflon Don also claims that Burna Boy was unable to get her pregnant.

“So I didn’t want to mention this before but f*ck it I gotta say it. Y’all African Giant is an impotent man. I left his ass cuz he couldn’t give me a baby.”

Not long after Stefflon Don made the scathing claims, Burna Boy has responded, admitting that he is impotent. Taking to Snapchat, Burna wrote; “Okay yes I am an impotent gorilla but I got money so fuck it!” He however didn’t respond to claims he’s jealous of Wizkid.

Burna Boy Confirms He's Impotent After Stefflon Don Aired Him

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don started dating early 2019 have had a rocky relationship, with there being several claims of infidelity.

Stefflon Don announced the split in December on Twitter saying: “No matter how much love, Loyalty or how good you treat someone, people are just not solid and scream real but are the fakest. Fame & money changes some ppl. When people show you who they are believe them. As hard as that may be. God sees and knows. People genuinely need prayers”.

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