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Idris Elba’s Daughter Isan Upset After Not Landing A Role In His New Film



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Idris Elba Says His Daughter Isan Was Upset He Picked Iyana Halley Over Her For New Movie Role

Idris Elba says his daughter Isan is upset with him and didn’t talk to him for three weeks after not landing a role in his new film, Beast, Media Take Out confirmed. Idris gave the role to actress Iyana Halley instead.

During a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club”, Idris revealed that Isan auditioned for his new film, Beast, in hopes of playing one of his daughters.

Unfortunately, she didn’t land the part, which affected their relationship for a few weeks, and possibly forever. Although Isan gave an amazing audition for the film, Idris Elba told The Breakfast Club hosts that he and his daughter’s chemistry in real life “wasn’t right for [the] film.”


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“The relationship in the film and the relationship between my daughter was, the chemistry wasn’t right for film,” he admitted. “Weirdly enough.”

Isan didn’t talk to her dad for “three weeks” after receiving news that she wasn’t picked for the film.​ Will Packer, the film’s producer, called her himself to discuss the unpleasant news. “I called and talked to her, ’cause I’ve known her for a very long time, you know what I mean,” Packer said. “I’m like ‘Uncle Will.’ That’s like my little niece, you know, and she’s amazing.”

“He (Idris) auditioned with her, he was very tough on her, he said, ‘Listen, at the end of the day we’re going to make the best decision for the movie,” Packer explained. “I trust you, Will, trust the director,’ and she was very good, very close.”​

Idris chose another very talented actress as his daughter – Iyana Halley . She also has a famous father – her dad is Hollywood movie producer and former music executive Manny Halley. Here are pics from the premiere:

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