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Meek Mill Goes Off On Label Execs That Counted Him Out, Offers $10M Bet



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Meek Mill Offers $10 Million Bet To Record Executives That Said He Was Over

Meek Mill is looking to prove naysayers in the music industry wrong — and he’s willing to drop $10 million for bet.

The Dream Chasers rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday (August 17) to address all the label owners and executives who’ve counted him out over the years, saying he’s willing to wager eight figures on his future success.

“If you a corporate person that work in the music business and ever predicted meek is over … I wanna place a 10m bet with you in contract,” Meek tweeted. “Label owners a&rs ceo’s coo’s artist … im just finding out y’all was talking like that … y’all said I was over at least 5 times.”

He added: “And ima do it from independent side no major vibes to make effortless….This is not a joke this for people that fake call the shots in this music industry …. They really be washed and try to place there limits on you and want you to believe it sneverrrrrr!”

The Philadelphia rapper made headlines earlier after saying he became smarter and happier, thanks to his shrooms trip.

“I took some strooms it made me more smart more happy and have more love in my heart,” he tweeted. “I was gone cold this sh-t like medicine ….. micro dose vibes.” He continued: “I don’t know if everybody brain structured for this .. but it’s some sh-t in these things lol.”

Meek Mill’s confidence has been high since he departured JAY-Z’s Roc Nation Management last month. Meek however clarified there’s no bad blood between him and Hov’s company, and he simply wanted to branch out and level up on his own.


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