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Megan Thee Stallion & Kelsey Nicole Trade Shots: “I Was Paying Your Rent”



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“I Was Doing Your Homework,” Kelsey Nicole Fires Back At Megan Thee Stallion

Former besties Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Nicole are at it again. The two used to be BFF before things went south between them. Their relationship went down the hill after Megan Thee Stallion allegedly got shot by Tory Lanez.

Megan Thee Stallion was disappointed and furious Kelsey chose to pitch tent with Tory Lanez in the legal battle.

“I thought everybody in the car was my friend, [and] the whole time, that’s not how they thought of me. That’s what really hurts,” Megan said in an interview. She then claimed Kelsey met with Lanez just two days after the shooting. “I’m like, ‘Kelsey, as my best friend, why would you meet up with the person you saw shoot your best friend?’”

However, Kelsey said Megan Thee Stallion lied about her receiving money from Tory Lanez.

Well, the two are at it again trading shots on social media. Megan recently subtly shaded Kelsey and it turned ugly. “Put a name on it,” Kelsey tells Megan in response to the shade.

“But when I was paying your rent,” Megan tweeted. “But when I was doing your homework,” Kelsey responded.

“She don’t want war with me for real, 2 years later im still on her mind. I be minding my business,” Kelsey continued. “& the rent comment is dead! I had my own shit, she want y’all to think I was down so bad.”

She added, “But I’m living proof of why you stay on your own journey cuz these hose will use & act like they was holding it down on their own. Goodnight.”

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