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Video Footage Of Ksoo’s Father Interrogation Before Snitching On His Son



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Footage Of Ksoo’s Dad Interrogation Has Surfaced Online

Dreddsworld previously reported that KSoo’s father will testify against his son at trial. The news went viral at the time with folks online wondering why a father will decide to snitch on his son.

Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in a high-profile m**der case in which both of his sons are charged.

Hakeem Robinson, 23, is charged with first degree m**der. Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, is charged with second degree m**der. Robinson Sr. is charged as accessory after the fact to first degree m**der.

Some footage has now resurfaced of Ksoo’s dad in an interrogation room before snitching on his own son.

Back in May, KSoo’s father decided to tell the world why he’s snitching on his son following heavy backlash. “If it was me and my daddy (Shaka rip) in a situation like this. I would have been freed my daddy a long time ago,” he began.

“No matter what my consequences would’ve been (no justification needed) Especially if he’s a good/great daddy (datpart) He could do more for me out of jail than in jail/prison!!!”

He continued, “Who leave their daddy in jail to rot? Especially when you know he innocent. I would’ve been stood up and said my daddy ain’t got a f*ckiing thing to do with nothing.

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