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Akbar V Confirms Lil Baby’s 4PF Jumped, Stripped & Robbed Offset Of His Chain



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Akbar V Claims Lil Baby's 4PF Crew Jumped, Stripped & Robbed Offset

Akbar V Claims Lil Baby’s 4PF Crew Jumped, Stripped & Robbed Offset

Back in 2020, Dreddsworld reported on a rumor that swirled around that Cardi B’s husband Offset was jumped and robbed by Lil Baby’s 4PF crew outside of the popular Atlanta nightspot Compound.

The popular Instagram blog On Site reports that Lil Baby’s entourage ran down on Offset with guns.

They allegedly beat him up and stripped him off his clothes, leaving him in just his underwear. “The streets are alleging – in unconfirmed rumors – #NCISLA guest star #Offset got beat down, robbed and stripped down to his boxers by members in #LilBaby’s #4PF camp,” read the report.


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Well fast forward to now, Akbar V is now confirming the claims. She brought it up mid her online feud with Cardi B, dragging Offset into it. “Yeah and offset calling with all that tough guy Shit didn’t u just got stripped like a ho,” she tweeted.

“Offset calling talking bout u shouldn’t have put me in it nigga ..all i got to do is make one call 3 letters #4pf u gonna shit on yourself like u did behind compound.”

She continued, “I’m done after this @iamcardib why u sent men to that strip club with them girls but didn’t send them for hubbbbbby when he got strip behind that club ?” “Somebody check on offset he still ain’t got his chain back from #4pf”

“Since I’m from Atl I’m telling y’all ho lil baby had offset running 😂😂😂😂😂😂😉it was so funny.” Akbar added, “Saucy Santana more harder than bardi hubby he be break dancing and moon walking on concrete like boy sit yo ass down with all that ticking.”

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