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21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 For Saying He Snitched On YSL Rappers



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21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 On Clubhouse For Claiming He's An Informant In The YSL RICO Case

21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 On Clubhouse For Claiming He’s An Informant In The YSL RICO Case

Wack 100 and 21 Savage are back at it. In a recent clubhouse session, Savage confronts Wack 100 for accusing him of being a snitch.

Indeed, Wack accused 21 of snitching on Atlanta rappers and questions why he hasn’t been locked up yet or deported.

In the new Clubhouse audio, Wack claims he will slap the sh*t out of Savage, and said his face tattoos don’t make him tough, it just makes him a n***a with some ink on his face.

Things started back in August of 2021 when Savage called Wack lame for supporting Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Wack snapped on him via Clubhouse.

“Listen to me bro, I’ve met you before, you’ve been real humble,” Wack told Savage.

“Me and you both know, n*gga, if you was standing in front of me right now, you wouldn’t have that energy … N*gga, I’ll beat your motherf*ckin’ lil’ ass … You lil’ bitty ass boy. I will beat your lil’ ass, little bitty ass boy.”

He added, “It’s cool that you don’t agree with what I’m saying but n*gga, I’m not no rapper, n*gga. I will f*ck you up.”

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