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Cardi B Says Offset Will Address Saweetie Rumors On Next Album



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Cardi B Reveals Saweetie Rumors Will Be Addressed On Offset's Album

Cardi B Reveals Saweetie Rumors Will Be Addressed On Offset’s Album

For months now, there have been rumors swirling around that Cardi B’s husband Offset allegedly slept with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend Saweetie.

The reports claim that the reason why Migos broke up is because Saweetie allegedly cheated on Quavo with Offset.

Just in time, Offset’s wife Cardi B has taken to Twitter to react to the scathing allegations. According to Cardi, Saweetie rumors will be addressed via rap on Offset’s album.

“I’ll wait for the snippet on the blogs,” someone commented. “Using it for album promo, we really don’t care to listen to it,” another person wrote.

Recently, the rumor was reignited and seemingly confirmed by Quavo. Quavo and Takeoff have just released their new album, “Only Built For Infinity Links,” and on it is a song called “Messy.”

On “Messy,” Quavo seems to address the rumors that Saweetie had an affair with former Migo, Offset. “B*tch f*cked my dog behind my back but I ain’t stressing / You wanted the gang you should’ve just said that, we would’ve blessed you,” raps Quavo.

While some fans believe he is subliminally referring to Saweetie, others have said that Quavo is simply milking the rumors as a marketing technique.