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Goodwill Rejecting Yeezys & Will Not Sell Them In Any Of Their Location



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Goodwill Rejecting Yeezys & Will Not Sell Them In Any Of Their Location

Goodwill Rejecting Kanye West’s Yeezys & Will Not Sell Them In Any Of Their Location

The last few weeks for Kanye West have been a wild ride of companies, partners, and projects directly involved with the former billionaire cutting ties over his recent antisemitic remarks.

His press run over this period saw Ye take to any outlet that would give him a voice, and in each appearance, reiterated the dangerous ideology that has finally led to the end of one of footwear’s most successful collaborations, adidas x Yeezy.

With this, we’ve seen The Three Stripes directly stop sales of any product through their own DTC methods and via retailers across the globe as well as the resale platform TheRealReal halting all sales of Ye-affiliated products.

Even as prices soar on the secondary market and select colorways become some of the most sold products on StockX, it seems even more companies don’t want to be associated with Ye as a memo sent to Goodwill employees directing them to no longer accept Yeezy apparel or sneakers has surfaced online.

Directly from this memo that was sent by Andy Barajas, Director of Kaizen Engineering/Advanced Scheduling at Goodwill, “As we strive to maintain the most up to date product information on Elevated Brands available to sell we are sensitive to current events and take action when designers and brands do not align with our Mission and RISE values.

We are currently removing the sale of Adidas Yeezy Brand product from all channels, Retail Stores, Boutiques, eCommerce and Outlets. As well from our Elevated Brands tool.”

To start his never-ending spiral over the last month, Kanye first debuted his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at his Paris Fashion Show. From there, he doubled down on why white lives matter and that he was actually proud of the shirt.

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