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Lil Zay Osama Cries Out: “I Need Jay Z & Kim Kardashian’s Help”



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Lil Zay Osama Speaks Out From Behind Bars

Lil Zay Osama Speaks Out From Behind Bars

Earlier this month, Lil Zay Osama born Isaiah Dukes, was arrested after allegedly leaving a loaded Glock handgun in an Uber earlier this week.

The rapper was arrested and held without bail after he allegedly left a loaded Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol in an Uber.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, N.Y., alleged in the complaint that on Thursday (Sept. 29), a rideshare driver picked up the Chicago rapper and his acquaintances in Manhattan and observed Lil Zay holding a firearm. After dropping him and his associates off in Queens, N.Y. , the driver discovered that Lil Zay had left the firearm in the vehicle and called the police.

Law enforcement responded and retrieved the gun from the vehicle, and the driver later helped identify Lil Zay Osama. Subsequently, the “Have You Ever” rapper was arrested and charged with possession of a machine gun and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Lil Zay Osama is now speaking out from behind bars calling on Jay Z and Kim Kardashian for help. “I need Jay Z help,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Osama continued in another slide, “It’s crazy I thought people would say free me hoping I do better and wish the best. Y’all really in comments and on blogs saying 20 and 30 plus ima get and  y’all hope I get time in dum and etc don’t believe everything you hear. I been out here I know how to move. Don’t believe everything you hear #Glahhh”

“Newyork ain’t playing fair they lying on my name and targeting all artists ! Most of our artists is Black men so you know what this about. They tryna do us the worst. Tag @Kimkardashian I need her help too.”


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