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Mr. LaTruth’s Wife Takes Lie Detector Test To Prove He Abused Her



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LaTruth Hampton's Wife Takes Lie Detector Test To Prove He Abused Her

LaTruth Hampton’s Wife Takes Lie Detector Test To Prove He Abused Her

We reported earlier that popular influencer LaTruth Hampton aka Mr. LaTruth, is under fire after his wife, Ms. LaTruth went live during what is believed to have been a domestic dispute.

During the live Ms. LaTruth accused him of domestic abuse and breaking her finger. Her father was also present at the time and appeared to be very angry with the husband.

The husband claims the argument started over him messaging a woman on Instagram. He later came forward and said the live was just a skit to bring awareness to domestic violence. However, his wife has come forward and says she would never do a skit to this magnitude and pretend that her finger is broken.

To buttress her stance, Ms. LaTruth went as far as taking lie detector test to prove he truly abused her and that it wasn’t a skit. “Lie detector test don’t lie,” she wrote on the result.

“No significant response, the truth has been revealed. I passed!! I’m done addressing anything further more!!!” she added.

His own children even confirmed that he has been abusive towards her before. One of the youngest children said he recalled his mother being locked in a room and he’s had to help her multiple times while trying to fight back tears.

To make matters worse, another woman, believed to be Mr. LaTruth’s baby mama, has come forward with her story of his alleged abuse. She claims it occurred in front of their daughter.

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